Finding Zen, Here and Now Pause and Reflect by Thejaswini Unni

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This poetic journal is an attempt to portray philosophical truth by small bits and pieces. It contradicts accepted norms and ponder over the probabilities and non-probabilities. The most interesting part is the Author’s advice to pause and reflect on each and every thing. For every poem she is giving the option of myriad forms and views to the readers. She is also giving guidance to achieve the same.

Recently I chanced upon to read a review of Robert Frosts’ poem “THE ROAD NOT TAKEN”. It dwells upon what the poet intended, whether the reader is able to understand the poet’s view or what we take is the opposite of what he has imagined or wanted us to know. It is a complex issue. According to me very often we understand others view point  from our own perspective. I am mentioning it here because the poem “Roads Ahead” reminded me of “The Road not Taken”. Robert Frost took the road by choice, that which was less traveled and wonders what it was in another road. Here the road is not taken by choice. And also the author can get feedback from the readers.


The story of Bread reminded me of Jesus Christ, the saviour who fed thousands with one loaf.

Brevity is the hallmark of these poems. In two lines The Author gives you a thought process on a subject which some may consider trivial, but after thought make it sensible. It provokes you to think in your own way. It reminds us what the world is, than trying to tell us what the world is. It tracks the change in daily life and aims to be all-inclusive. Above all, it prompts and propels the readers to search their inner self and urge to fill up the vacuum.

I truly wish, the author succeeds in her attempt by way of readers responding to the challenge.

But the big question is, who will have the patience to read only one poem per day and reflect upon it and repeat the same throughout other days continuously.

I read it in one sitting and enjoyed it to the hilt. The language is simple and lucid and the book A GREAT READ

Book Reviewed by Vathukkat Krishnan Kutty.

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