Mundur Krishnan Kutty Master’s Views On Education

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These views are expressed in his work, Mundur Krishnan Kuttyude Sampoorn Akrithikal, Volume 2
Novel- experience.

A teacher’s self uttering is exceptional thinking about education. it gives us a wide spectrum of students thinking, activities about the examination system, school administration, attitude of teachers towards students, and shortcomings of students and teachers, which are not under their control.

There are different types of students. those who study dedicated and attend classes regularly and attentively. There are others who do not attend classes and start studying when the final exam is near. with eight or ten days of effort, students pass the examination at the same level as dedicated students. self-confidence is the basis for their success. teachers should be able to make self-confidence in students. motivation is most important.

One student who excelled in sports was behind in study in English and mathematics. His sports teacher encouraged him to pass tenth class, showing him a bright future in sports if he passes tenth. All can study, but everybody has his style to achieve the same. to discover the congenial atmosphere for each one is most important.

Teachers should be empathetic. they should know the family background of the students, their social structure, and their vulnerability. one who comes late into the class may not be intentional, it will be the circumstances that force him to do so.

Teachers who do not understand students, who are not interested to teach, and teachers who do not cooperate are real hindrances in the education sector. some teachers blame others for their shortcomings, joining groups, and siding with management against the headmaster are certain teachers’ hobbies. political affiliation gives teachers the courage and strength to do so. one should keep his political affiliation outside the school and not in school activities or teaching.


Teachers not coming in time to class and reaching school late have to be avoided. Headmaster should not interfere in the class teacher’s role. faith in colleagues is a must.

A primary teacher’s job is most important because one is molded or evolved at this stage. students are curious & inquisitive and it should be encouraged. reading the lesson is not teaching. The teacher should raise doubts in the minds of the students and answers to their questions should be an effort of the student and teacher together. instilling courage, and removing fear from the minds of the students, is what is needed. studying textbooks only do not suffice. There should be interpersonal discussions.

Education is a continuous process. if the base is not sound the structure will fall. Rating is not education. teachers should not take part in strikes. strikes happen in government schools. private schools are not affected that much. it also distorts the educational system where the poor study in ordinary schools and the rich in English convents.

Book reviewed by Vathukkat Krishnan Kutty  

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