I still remember the day, I went with Appuettan S/o Manambrakkat Bhaskara Panikker to KULAPATI V.V.PARAMESWARAN IYERS HIGH SCHOOL, Parakkunam, Sultanpett, Palakkad for admission to 5th standard. He was a student of the School, and my grandfather entrusted him the job of getting my admission. Appuettan was well connected with the Manager and Headmaster of the School Mr.Natarajan Iyer. He was a bulky and fat person with smiling face, for whom even walking was difficult. What prompted my grandfather to make me join in V.V.P High School, still I am not able to understand. The School was not reputed for study. Those who did not get admission to other famous Schools like Basel Evangelical Mission High School or Pandit Motilal Government High School flocked to this place. I could have easily got admission to PMG School or BEM School, but he was taking precaution of company, safety and convenience to me as there was no student in those Schools from our vicinity. At that time there was no local bus service and we had to walk both to-and-fro.