Vathukkat Krishnan Kutty

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Abook is not just bunch of written pages stuck together, but it is the portal to a world unknown. A time machine, that transports you into different zones.
And that was what Mr. Krishnan Kutty did, when he first lay his hands on the books. The Voracious reader in him, always made sure that he was savored with different genre and writing style. So much is his love for reading, that he literally never let any page unturned.

This also got him into being a critic with a wide understanding of the subject. The story, the protagonist, the antagonist and the climaxes were like a breath of fresh air with so many perspectives. With a detailed summarization, he makes a well researched synopsis of the plot line. One cant miss his emphasis for even the tiniest twist or characterization.

And thus with wide spectrum of book reading and reviewing, he eventually got down to penning his own thoughts. Always an avid learner, he weaved nuances of daily life into simple layman prose. But those simple words had so many objectives and debatable points.
One may wonder, what Mr. Krishnan would have thought of while writing them.

But as someone said, Even though you hope thousands read you, you write with a single person in mind. AND THAT IS YOU AND YOUR SOUL ALONE.

So lets unfold the emotions and discover a world beyond!!!

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