Sampoorna Kritikal By Mundur Krishnan Kutty : Volume-1 Stories

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This book contains 145 short stories. It is very famous as Mundur Kathakal. There is another short story writer from the same place by the name of Mundur Sethumadhavan, who is also popular. Because he is a predecessor, Krishnan Kutty Master’s stories got the title. stories are known by authorship, but to be remembered as a place’s stories exclusively, is a rare case.

The author has tried to integrate political subjects into his stories. In this regard, he was in the company of writers like M.Sukumaran and Pattathu Vila Karunakaran. Though known as a communist, he is more than that and can be called a humanist.

The author’s characters not only think about themselves but also try to see things from the perspective of their opponents. His characters are prey to their weakness and also their goodness. Life’s complexities based on situations, circumstances, and the attitude of society, and surroundings are vividly portrayed.

His short stories are also self-criticism and describe the hollowness of political idealism and fallacies of communist theory and practice. it brings to our notice the traps of politics and the wayward thinking of fellow travelers. Through his characters, he asks many a question for which there are no clear answers.
He never tries to answer himself or through his characters, it is left to the readers.


Rural life in all its hues and colors can be seen in the stories. it is the stories of simpletons, wicked people, temple priests, temple employees, the faithful, and the non-believer. the author delves deep into the human psyche and shows how people behave differently without any reason or rhyme.

The stories are short but the brevity has not affected the impact. it is also the story of ordinary men who endlessly hope for the better and their dilemmas. The end effect is indescribable. All stories are thought-provoking but many time it leads the reader to nowhere. They are big question marks on life itself.

Through his short stories, the author describes life as a mirage and enigma. There is self-introspection by all characters. it is also a reflection of his life experiences.

In the stories, the discerning reader can find traps of Communism. Ignorance is the breeding ground for communism. Communism is the most opportunistic. Mr.Krishnan Kutty’s stories are iconoclastic as far as communism is concerned.

Book reviewed by Vathukkat Krishnan Kutty  

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